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Destiny Grimoire: Inventory - Guardian Vehicles

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"It is not enough to defend the City. We must reclaim the stars." A rare and precious commodity, the jumpships utilized by Guardians are cobbled together from the salvaged wreckage of interplanetary ships built long ago. Only in recent years have the Tower's shipwrights begun working to build new hulls from the keel up. The City's factions are also keen to develop flight capability, whether through salvage or their own shipbuilding projects. Today, it falls upon each individual Guardian to find and maintain their own craft. Those skilled enough to acquire a ship with off-world capabilities join the front line in the long war to retake what is ours.


"The shortest distance between two points is full throttle." The Sparrow is a single-passenger, all-terrain thrust bike with one purpose: moving from objective to objective with unmatched speed. Quick, quiet, and simple to transmat, Sparrows enjoy surpassing popularity among Guardians working in the field.

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