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CoD AW: Outbreak Tips


The Atlas Corporation has gone too far, and Oz (John Malkovich), Kahn (Bill Paxton), Lilith (Rose McGowan), and Decker (Jon Bernthal) are left to pick up the pieces with a fight for their lives in the Havoc DLC pack’s Exo Zombies Outbreak map. To help get you started, we’ve pulled together some tips to consider in the early rounds of the level, where your actions can determine how successful each match will be. Use Your Knife in the Early Rounds You thought Atlas was going to make this easy for you? Think again. Everything in Outbreak costs points, from accessing new areas to purchasing weapons and upgrades. Building up your points is especially critical in the early rounds when you’re most vulnerable. Finishing off a zombie with a melee attack rewards the most points with 130 per melee takedown. Early on, before you’re getting swarmed, weaken zombies with a few shots and then finish with the knife. The extra points will help you to a stronger start. Suit Up The outbreak happened so quickly, there wasn’t enough time to suit up. At the start of the match, all players are without an Exo Suit. Clearly, that needs to be remedied. Once you start making your way into the Atlas facility, look for Exo Room markers along the wall. Follow these until you reach the room holding the Exo Suits and switch on the power to access them. As you can imagine, these really come in handy when avoiding swarms. Upgrade Your Exo Suit If you call up your mini-map, you’ll notice several icons scattered throughout the environment. Once the Exo Suit is acquired, you’ll want to find the generators to power these various stations and improve your abilities. The options available to you include: Exo Health – 2,500 points Increase your maximum health. Exo Medic – 1,500 points Revive teammates more quickly. On solo, revive self (can be purchased up to three times). Exo Slam – 2,000 points Enables the Exo Suit’s boost slam ability. Exo Reload – 2,000 points Reload more quickly. Exo Soldier – 1,750 points Shoot and reload while sprinting, and swap weapons more quickly. Print Your Weapon A good weapon can mean the difference between success and failure. While there a plenty of reliable weapons scattered throughout the environment, Outbreak’s 3D Printer is your key to the most powerful of them. To discover its location, check for the red question box displayed on the wall map in the Main Hub. Or, if you’re really observant, check your mini-map. Activate the printer for 1,000 points to gamble for a better weapon, including powerful options like Heavy Weapons or Outbreak’s deadly CEL-3 Cauterizer, a directed energy shotgun that stops zombies in their tracks. Upgrade Your Weapon Once you’ve got your hands on a good weapon, it’s time to kick up the power. Spend 2,500 points at a weapon Upgrade Station to improve the lethality of your held weapon. Weapons can be upgraded a total of 20 times, offering new camos, attachments, and passive increases along the way. Explore & Experiment We’ve just barely scratched the surface of Outbreak, and there’s so much more to discover. Scan your environment with a keen eye, experiment with difference strategies, and learn how to make the most out of each situation. The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to start pushing the later rounds.

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