October 22, 2017

Step 1: Get the On the Comms Quest

  • Random Drop

  • Kill Red Legion Troops on Nessus

Step 2: Destroyer of Worlds

  • Complete Leviathan Raid

Step 3: Accept your invitation

  • Speak to  Benedict 99-40

  • Complete End the Arms Dealer Quest

    • ​300 Power Leve...

October 18, 2017

The Leviathan Prestige Mode was released today and here are the changes from the Normal Mode

New changes

  • Dying loses your revive token


  • A player cannot run twice in the Gauntlet (everyone must run once)

  • Psionic projections spawn during the runn...

October 6, 2017

What sad turns has your life taken since my exile? When you look upon the dour face of the Consul, do you feel the nauseous twinge of regret? Do you find solace in a meditative state—a lonely island in a sea of incessant blathering?

I wonder what portion of your life is...

September 16, 2017

 Video via SXVXN


Engine Chest - 04:06

Transfer Chest - 06:23

Armory Chest - 08:11

Aqueduct Chest - 10:54

Ventilator Chest - 12:32

Conduit Chest - 14:46

Irrigation Chest - 18:47

Pipeline Chest - 20:15

Drain Chest - 26:01

 3D Map

Leviathan Raid secret Exotic chest #...

September 16, 2017

3D Map

How to Enter


Pleasure Gardens


Throne Room

All videos are via PlatinumMunk

September 14, 2017

Standard Bearers in Castellum – First Trial

Video by: Esoterickk

In order to progress to the first raid encounter, you will need to gather three Standards (keys) from three separate Standard Bearer that will appear. The first door will be on your left and will have three...

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