April 1, 2017

STEP 1- Acquire Husk from Killing Hive Enemies

STEP 2- Upgrade the husk by killing hive (see spots below for thrall, knights and wizards)

Step 3 - Upgrade and Speak to the Speaker

Step 4- Use 25 Motes of Light to purge the Darkness and upgrade Eidelon Ally

Step 5- Talk to Eris to receive the quest for Essence of the Oversoul

Step 6- Traverse the Abyss, Kill Crota 390 and Kill Omnigul. To receive the Essence of Oversoul

Step 7- Use the Essence on the Final node on Eidelon Ally to upgrade it to Necrochasm.

Useful Information

  • Enemies with yellow bars will not fill the HotP progression bar.

  • Named enemies (even with red bars) will not fill progression bar.

  • Taken enemies will not count.

  • You can transfer both the Husk and Eidolon Ally between your characters to progress through the 2 f...

November 19, 2016

Note: Acquire a splicer key from a Brood Mother wizard in the Plaquelands before starting this quest.

Step 1: 

You should have a quest asking to scan an anomaly you must head to Archons Keep. There you must look for a patrol beacon that has the ghost symbol (Normally recon missions.) If it's not there return to orbit and come back until it shows up.

It will have you go towards the Archons forge. Once you follow it you it will require you to open a laser gate with the splicer key, fight a room of fallen with an elite captain and pick up the Relic (Hammer.) After that you go down some stairs and are in a big room with a SIVA Walker and some enemies. Clear our the enemies and avoid the Walker. It is entirely possible you don't have to defeat the Walker. If you stun him then run to the righ...

November 19, 2016

Step 1:

Either breakdown one of the Khostov's you saved from when you rolled a new character to obtain the schematic, 

or go to the Plaguelands Patrol
and head to The Divide. 

See this video


Go through the building at the back The Divide (the one that you originally came from at the very start of the game).

Follow the path all the way until you reach the area where you ghost found you right at the start.

You'll see a large Ketch (Fallen Ship) in the distance, run toward it, board it, kill the enemies, open the chest at the back right to discover the Schematic.


Step 2:

Talk to Shiro at the Iron Temple and receive the We Found a Rifle Quest.

The Quest is as follows:

Collect Pages and Parts
Find manual pages and Khvostov parts on patrol in the Plague Lands.


  • Find 10 Manual Pages


November 16, 2016


It is a RANDOM drop from completing Shiro-4 bounties. 

The Quest

Step 1: Echoes of Darkness: Face "The Wretched Eye" and defeat Kovik, the Devil Splicers' high priest.

Step 2: Harvest of the Lesser: Wipe out Fallen in the Plaugelands to feed the weapon's appetite. (It was about 500).

Step 3: Feast Upon the Light: Use Void Damage to defeat Guardians in the Crucible. (125 kills or so) Deaths DO NOT set you back!!! PRIVATE MATCHES WILL NOT WORK

Step 4: Cleansed by The Light: Consume Motes of Light to Cleanse yourself and the weapon. (Only 5 motes)

Step 5: Where it Began: Find a Skeleton Key and open the Strike Hoard at the end of "The Abomination Heist" Strike. (You can get a free Skeleton Key from the Quest "None are Perfect")

Step 6: Receive Thorn

November 16, 2016

Full Video Guide by Datto

Activate Monitors

  • Get into the raid

  • Activate all prior monitors.

  • Monitor Note: If you are aiming for it, you must finish it within one Raid sitting with your team

  • Players can -
    1. Go to Orbit and switch
    2. Fireteam leaders can change
    3. Booted players may return
    4. If a player leaves, a new joiner can come in and open the end chest
    (4th Monitor only)

  • The underlying factor is that 1 Guardian must remain within the Raid at ALL TIMES

  • When AKSIS is defeated the Fireteam joining option becomes DISABLED. People can join at AKSIS and get the chest if all the other monitors were activated previously but they must be there to defeat him

Monitor 1 - In the first Vosik encounter, find a room in the front-left corner of the arena with a f...

February 8, 2016

Note that the mission "The First Firewall" is only available if you collected and turned in all 4 DVALIN relics by the 7th of each month. If you met the requirements, the mission is still open!

The quest "The First Firewall" is available once all four fusion rifle relics are found and returned to the gunsmith, it is available on Earth as seen here:


It does not require you to visit Banshee to get a quest. Simply go to the director, select Earth, and start the mission.

Completing the quest awards the Curious Transceiver, which goes to your quest items and then requires 4 sequential passcodes. The passcodes appear to be identical to the order the knights spawn in the First Firewall mission (with Knights and Taken knights representing different values).

Transceiver passcode input scr...

February 4, 2016


Part 1: Make it to the Ketch

Use whatever loadout you want for this mission, but I found that Swords work well at clearing large swathes of enemies quickly. If you have any King’s Fall weapons, use them as they deal extra damage against the Taken.

Most of the mission is fairly self-explanatory, make it to where you shattered Crota’s crystal and kill the Ogre. I find it handy to wait just prior to the room so everyone can catch up, then rush the Ogre, once the Ogre dies, everything despawns.

Once the Ogre is dead you’ll want to hightail it out as quickly as possible. Running and jumping past all the adds makes this go much quicker (which helps if you’re on your 5+ attempt). Wiping before you reach the Ketch will cause the door to shut.


February 4, 2016

This guide was created by u/esoterickk and all credit goes to him

The daily is the Paradox mission on Venus today. There's 4 ghosts/grimoire items that are exclusive to the Paradox mission while it is the daily heroic. You need to progress through the mission without wiping in order to obtain them all. Obtaining these also leads to the No Time To Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle, the quest will unlock the following weekly reset. It is also worth noting that the Cult Ghost glitch is now fixed and is exclusive to the Daily Heroic with a recent patch update.

The below guide is from locations notable to the mission (for people who have never done VoG before).


Mystery: The Vault of Glass
5 Grimoire Points


How to exit the path:


This can be found when you take the secret path in the Para...

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