September 24, 2018

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Encounter 1 – Kalli: (Suggested 540+)


Activate the relevant plates to activate the safe room doors, damage Kalli and use said doors to survive the wipe mechanic.


  1. 3 pairs of symbols are shown underneath the banners around the...

September 10, 2018

Types of Lootable Items

Dead Ghost - Gives "The Light: Ghost Stories" lore triumphs.

Crystal - Gives "Dusk and Dawn: The Awoken of the Reef" lore triumphs.

Fallen Device - Gives "The Darkness: The Forsaken Prince" lore triumphs.

Skull Pile - Gives "Dusk and Dawn: Marasenna...

September 7, 2018

With all of these locations below, you'll notice a buff on the screen stating "Cayde's Stash Nearby"


Found in Firebase Hades. The second entrance found by teleporting from the Sunken Isles.


Found in the Wraith Mines area.


This one is a little tricky to get to....

September 6, 2018

Quest Name: Cayde's Will

  • Get the Quest Step while playing the campaign.

  • Defeat Uldren and reclaim the Ace of Spades.

  • Take Ace of Spades to Gunsmith.

  • Get 5 Invader Kills in Gambit with hand cannon (kill the person invading your area times).

  • ...

July 5, 2018

Take a look at the upcoming Forsaken release. New power caps, new supers, new enemies and much more.

July 4, 2018

Forsaken will bring 9 new supers to the Destiny world. Check them out here.

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