Auto Rifle Stats

  1. Focus Fire increase SUROS Regimes Ttk to 1.00s, Spinning Up brings it down to 0.70s.

  2. Fabian Strategy has an Optimal TtK of 0.87s and a Body Shot TtK of 1.07s when Front Lines is active, as it changes to the 100 RoF, 2 Impact archetype.

  3. Aggressive Ballistics brings Nechrochasm's TtK down to 0.80s.

  4. Perks that increase Impact drop the Optimal TtK of Vex Mythoclast down to 0.64s, with 5 crit shots.

  5. Choosing the 900 RPM perk decreases Optimal TtK to 0.87s, and Body TtK to 1.07s.